The NOS Sound RWB Ribbon Microphone's smooth sound & high SPL handling (>135dB) makes it the perfect ribbon for electric guitar. If you've got a quiet, well-treated room, the RWB is also a fantastic voice-over microphone, providing an intimate, in-your-ear sound.

Each & every RWB Ribbon Microphone is hand-picked & -tested in the USA. NOS backs the RWB with a lifetime warranty for all non-ribbon components, with a one-time, no-questions-asked replacement warranty for the ribbon element itself. The RWB ships in an attractive wooden storage box.



  • voiced for electric guitar
  • figure-8 ribbon microphone
  • aluminum element for high SPL handling (>135dB)
  • rare Earth neodymium magnets
  • >-53 dBv sensitivity, 600 Ohms output impedance
  • lifetime warranty for all components except ribbon
  • one-time, no-questions-asked replacement warranty on ribbon element to original owner for one year