The NOS Audio Panther active ribbon microphone mates a passive ribbon element and transformer with an active transistor circuit.  The result is a classic ribbon sound that sounds great with ANY microphone preamp.

Most passive ribbon microphones become loaded down when used with microphone preamps that aren't specifically meant for ribbon microphones.  The result is a loss in high frequencies and output that sounds blanketed.  The very best passive ribbon microphones use extremely high-end transformers to combat this effect but that raises their prices exponentially.

The Panther's active circuit provides the best of both worlds.  The transistor circuit has been tuned to make the transformer always see a proper load, no matter what microphone preamp is being used.  At the same time, the circuit provides a boost in output and a lower noise floor.  The result is a microphone that perform and sounds like the very best passive ribbon microphones at a significantly lower price.



  • Active phantom powered transistor circuit for high output and low impedance
  • Passive transformer before active circuitry to retain the classic ribbon sound
  • 135dB SPL Handling
  • High (35dB) Sensitivity
  • No distortion up to maximum SPL rating
  • Low self noise
  • Figure-8 pickup pattern with equal sensitivity from front or back of element
  • No proximity effect